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  1. пока в планах нету лечащего класса
  2. New Weapons and Armor will be added in stages. Lv1 03.09.2021 Lv2 13.09.2021 Lv3 28.09.2021 Armor stats will be the same as Level 6 Perfect Set, only triggers will be added. Set Lv 1/2/3 stats: Helmet - When dealing damage, there is a chance to gain Warrior's Blessing: For 5 sec. increases + 5/10/15% P. Atk. and + 10/20/30% M. Atk. (Skill Cooldown 60/55/50 sec.) Top Armor - When you receive damage, there is a chance to receive the Guardian's Blessing: For 5 sec. reflects 10/20/30% of any Damage back to the enemy. (Skill Cooldown 60/55/50 sec.)
  3. Доброй ночи, новый скил расчитан на борьбу в поле и против магов и против физов, поэтому там есть м деф, из-за которого, чуть сьели физ атаку, но мы подумаем над изменениями .
  4. Venum

    Patch notes

    15/08/2021 U dont get karma from 1 character more then 1 time per 4 min. Middle epic collection fixed. Baium respawn fixed. Removed middle epic announce. Removed mission for Yoda Stuff. Fixed empty Mario bag. New discount shop ingame.
  5. Venum

    Patch notes

    09/07/2021 Fixed the description of the Einhasad Potion Effect. Simplified the creation of a homunculus Creation changed from 20h to 10h Energy requirement reduced from 10 to 4 Increased the chance to catch lvl 3 communication by 2 times Epic boss respawn has been moved from 21:00 to 22:00 Moscow time Updated Drop Ant Queen / Orfen / Baium / Core, also changed their respawn to 12h + -2h and removed the Announcement, so that the average players could pick up these bosses. Added 1 collections and introduced items - Ring of the Queen Ant / Ring of the Core
  6. Venum

    Patch notes

    18/06/2021 Introduced a new time zone for farming the Codex for new skills. This timezone will have a Wednesday / Saturday cooldown.The farming time is 60 minutes and can be extended by 60 minutes for the Extension Stone. Farming in this zone is allowed with 1 PC and 1 character(the character who entered this time zone for the first time from the PC, they can only farm on this cooldown).Items from farm locations and Codex are not transferred, but you can exchange 2 Codex for 1 Ticket for a Codex, which can be transferred by trade and exchanged back for 1 Codex. Changed some Combat
  7. A mountain ascetic hermit, Master Yogi, has studied the science of enchantment for a long time. Now he wants to teach the science others. During the one month, the wise master will give valuable awards for a special weapon... Of course, if you learn the art of enchantment and bring to Yogi the enchanted weapon. Event Description: The event will run from June 3rd to July 3rd (18:50 GMT). Scroll: Enchant Yoga Weapon will drop as a trophy from monsters until July 1st. On the 3rd of July, during the restart, the following items will be removed: Yoga Weapons; Scr
  8. Зачем топам фармить лоу зоны ?
  9. Добрый вечер, там было примечание «Будет видно по развитию сервера», комбо скилы планируются ввестись в 20-ых числах мая.
  10. Venum

    Patch notes

    08/05/2021 Added immunity to debuffs to TW flags. Introduced a Class Change, in more detail in Giran at NPC Eratona. Moved all items for exchanges. (Available on 08/05/2021 at 21:00) Added exchange of Helios Rings. (Available 08/05/2021 at 21:00) Added +10 agathion exchange. ( Will be available 08/05/2021 at 21:00) Added an exchange for Empowered Krishna Weapons. (Available 08/05/2021 at 21:00) All exchanges of Weapons / Armor / Circlets will be transferred to the new NPC:
  11. Venum

    Patch notes

    03/04/2021 The following scrolls and potions have been cut in half: - Pa'agrio's Blessing / Rudolph's Red Potion / Dragon's Potion Made an Exchange in NPC Red 4 Scrolls and Potions in 1 ( old potions are now interchangeable ) Bonuses of some Classes have been changed: more details in topic. Changed race skills for Elves and Kamaels: more details in topic. Need to use Updater or download a patch.
  12. Добрый день, залили битый файл, уже разбираемся.
  13. Venum

    Patch notes

    30/04/2021 Updated Premium Tarot. Now the Taunt debuff changes the enemy's target to you only if the Heavy Set is equipped. The donate currency icon has been changed. The premium store has been moved to the interface window.
  14. Venum

    Fix Phoenix

    30/04/2021 Добавили окно ежедневных наград Исправлены 6 и 7 СА Добавлен NPS в Гиран Эратона (Меняющая Судьбы) - в скором времени будет введена система изменение класса, и новые умения. Исправлен сброс очков гомункула за убийство мобов. Фикс коллекции с атрибутов
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