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New Fascinating World "Phoenix x3» - Lineage 2 High Five set up on a new Cllient!
» Launch Date: 4th of December at

09:00 UTC-8 Pacific Time (US)
10:00 UTC-7 Mountain Time (US)
14:00 UTC-3 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
17:00 UTC (London, United Kingdom)
18:00 UTC+1 (Berlin, Germany). «


If you were looking for a qualitative MultiProff server, on which you want to spend some time, have a good experience and stay for a good while - then it is the right place!
We provide top grade service with an excellent quality of work for all of our project resources, which you can rate by yourself!

Our team is interested in every potential player which of course doesn't break the rules of the server. We are happy to present a truly high quality product for all of our players, following all of this wtih a solid budget for server advertising to provide the opportunity of getting a large active customer base for the server and an oppurtinity for you to have a rival or a reliable party member. Existing advanced player support system would provide an ability to for every player to reach any available support staff and receive a suitable answer!

We are happy to present the first and unique in its kind game world "Phoenix x3"


  • spacer.pngServer Chronicles: High Five 5.
  • spacer.pngServer Client:  Prelude of War 3 Base with add-ons.
  • spacer.pngPlatform: Java + PTS (Skills, Ai, Geo Engine).
  • spacer.pngServer: MultiProff.
  • spacer.pngAdditionally: Rebirth.
  • spacer.pngSupport Bot in Telegram.


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Characteristics limit:

  • spacer.png Max. HP: ∞
  • spacer.png Max. MP: ∞
  • spacer.png Max. CP: ∞
  • spacer.png Max. Phys. Attack: ∞
  • spacer.png Max. Mag. Attack : ∞
  • spacer.png Max. P.Def: ∞
  • spacer.png Max. M.Def: ∞
  • spacer.png Max. Crit dmg: ∞
  • spacer.png Max. Accuracy: ∞
  • spacer.png Max. Attack speed: 10000
  • spacer.png Max. Cast speed: 10000
  • spacer.png Max. Move speed: 550
  • spacer.pngMax. Evasion: 250
  • spacer.pngMax. Phys.Crit chance: 1000
  • spacer.pngMax. Mag.Crit chance: 100
  • spacer.pngMax Gathered Fame Limit: 100000


  • spacer.pngSieges every week.
  • spacer.pngSiege are active from Monday.
  • spacer.pngTeritorry Wars once in 2 weeks.
  • spacer.pngChanged amount of added Castle Flags.
  • spacer.pngOnly 3 Castles can participate in siege, Aden / Giran / Goddart with each castle having 3 flags.


  • spacer.pngMax weapon enchance +21
  • spacer.pngMax armor enchance +20
  • spacer.pngMax jewelery enchance +20
  • spacer.pngEnchancement stats dissapear during weapong/armor/jewelery upgrade to R grade, grade R weapon is -5, armor -2.

Server commands :

  • spacer.png .telegram - Support Bot in Telegram.
  • spacer.png .cfg - different personal settings, you have never experienced such variety of functionality!
  • spacer.png .whoiam - detailed information about your character.
  • spacer.png .acp - automatic usage of СP/HP/MP potions.
  • spacer.png .buff_store - if you are playing solo or just started you adventure, now you don't have to ask for the buff, we implemented a command for a buff store. 
  • spacer.png .offline - idle buff/items selling offline.
  • spacer.png .leadergate - Summon clan members to the clan leader. Cost: 200 000 aden, 30 seconds cooldown.
  • spacer.png .repair - If your character can't enter the game, (crashes with crit or gets stuck at loading screen), use this command on your different character from the same account. It will send your character to the closest city as well ast transport items to the storage.
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  • Server has implemented automatic hunt, therefore we have decided to create a Support Bot in Telegram!
  • For quick and comfortable grind, a starting quest line "Journey Start" was implemented!
  • Weapon Balance, now you can use anything you want, you won't see any major difference.
  • Ranking and reward system
  • Hunt automatization 
  • Special hutn zones
  • Race and Base characteristics feature
  • Fortune telling using Taro Cards
  • New clan system
  • Ability part was remade for the MultiProff server concept. (Now you don't have to buff enermous amount os abilities)
  • Brooch and jewel integration in it
  • Seed Bracelet and Agathion charms
  • Bracelets and Talismans
  • Coats and Shirts
  • Exalted Tiaras
  • Large amount of farming zones.
  • Removed all abilities with buff cancel
  • Parameteres integration:
  • CHA (Increases base character characteristics)
  • LUC (Increases % for successful ecnhancement)
  • Attribute stones can be added to the weapons until 1500 units
  • New weapons and sets
  • Various skins for weapons and armor.
  • New jewelery added as well.
  • Subclass abilities changed.
  • Direct Messages and its new features.a
  • Dyes +5 - 0, as well as Dyes in 4th slot.
  • Abilities for evey revival.
  • Teleportation point save through scrolls.
  • Integrated spinning attack for most physical damage weapons.
  • Buff duration increased to 4 hours.
  • Added Elmoreden’s Sphere which grants visual effect and allows to receive automatic spoil after monster kill.
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