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  1. Raised rewards for Events, for win 2, loss 1, draw 1
  2. Changed skill Rush in skills from the Doombringer to Rush Duelist / Orcs and so on.
  3. Increased the chances of up ring Toi 6-7-8-9 lvl, the chances are 25% for each click now.
  4. Added mobs to the main locations 78+.
  5. Added Clan Missions for killing mobs level 76-80.
  6. Increased item drop in farm locations DV / MOS / GC.
  7. Increased Skill Coin Drop x2 in Zaken / Freya / Frint / Bles Freya, also added drop 3-5 Skill Coins on Insta with rebirths 20+.
  8. Great Olympics launched.
  9. Introduced Premium Account for Event Coins - x1.5.
  10. Introduced Elmoredens sphere and Potion of Energy Replenishment in the event shop.
  11. Rearranged RB 50 lvl on Devil's Island (Previously it was impossible to go to it).
  12. Chance of Champions is raised and new champions are introduced x50.

 You need to update with an Updater or Download a new PATCH

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09/02/2021 Fix 3 parts of the nobles quest on the English patch (it was impossible to take enchants). Added to the start bonus for beginners. Brooch level 2, was not given before.


  1. Fixed sticking of skills on auto battle, when disabled, all skills worked exactly.
  2. The rank system has been fixed, bonuses were issued for the race change service.
  3. On forts and castles, glory is now given to characters from 2+ rebirths


 12.12.2020 after the restart, the chances of drops from premium and simple tarot will increase!


  1. Increased chance in the tarot game (Simple / Premium).
  2. Pain of Shillens reworked and give 5% phys/mag crit dmg for 4 hour.
  3. The description of R rings is corrected, they gave magic crit, but this was not in the description.
  4. RB Procella nerfed.
  5. The skill Spirit of the Phoenix has been removed.
  6. Added conditions for events to be thrown out for AFK
  •  Snow Fight: If you do not hit the enemy for 45 seconds with the Ice Throw skill, excludes from the event.
  • Football: If you do not hit the ball for 45 seconds, excludes from the event.
  •  King of the Hill: To receive the reward, you need to stand in a circle for 5 seconds.

 You need to update with an Updater or Download a new PATCH

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  1. The mage now deals damage to RB if the difference in level is not higher than 14 inclusive.
  2. Removed the buggy arena from the Olympiad, in which the character failed.
  3.  Added Flags to Giran / Aden / Godard castles.
  4.  Fixed Debuff Observation Einhasad Lv. 1, now the debuff hangs until karma is washed out to 0.
  5. The quest "Mercenaries of the Golden Ram"(Stakato) can no longer be turned in. (Made to prevent people from handing over and failing the quest, since items are needed for AP weapons.)
  6. Olympiad shop introduced
  7. Fix skill Fake Death, given a cooldown in 45 seconds.
  8. Song of Purification removed the use delay.
  9. Fixed a bug on the cast of the castle of Aden (The castle was not transferred when casting).
  10. Fixed geodata at Goddart castle, it was impossible to go to the castor in one of the entrances.
  11. Fix RB Ashakiel Ocean of Flame, it was impossible to reach RB before.

You need to update with an Updater or Download a new PATCH

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  1. The location of the SOA has been reworked, the buff and dependence on the room have been removed, now any character can farm any room.
  2. Increased the drop of the Spirit Stone in SoA x2.
  3. Fix issue of Legends from Olympus.
  4. Reduced debuff time on Frintez from 20 seconds to 2 seconds.
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  1. Fixed Talisman of the Overlord (Lv. 8/9 did not work correctly).
  2. Event time reduced to 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  3. Removed from the game Storm / Water / Ghost Mass Cubes.
  4. Added Spoil R-Gems to all timezones of level 88.
  5. The PK System has been changed, you can read more in last patch.
  6. Increased range to 900 mage skills: Grieving Soul / Leopold / Circle of Annihilation / Mark of Death.
  7. Reduced the time for events such as: King of the Hill / Football / Snow Fight to 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  8. Increased the reward for winning Events: King of the Hill / Football / Snow Fight / TVT from 2 to 3 Cups, the best player gets 5 Cups.
  9. Made a limitation on TVT 1 window with PC.
  10. Reduced Celtus paralysis time on HB from 30 to 5 seconds
  11. Increased the cooldown of the skill: Hide to 12 minutes of static.
  12. Stun Shot, now does not reset the target.
  13. Increased the chance of dropping Elcyum in simple tarot by 7-8 times and in premium by 2.3 times. The drop of Elcyum in Inst 20+ is also increased by 2 times.
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  1. A limitation on enchanting Level 7 Belt of Authority has been introduced, the maximum enchant is +7 and Agathions to +4, we will monitor the development of the server, and gradually increase the enchant for these items to +10.
  2. Fixed Lindivior.
  3. Max number of window increase from 2 w/o pa and 4 with 2 pa to 4 w/o pa, and 6 with 2 pa.
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  1. Increased the price of Agathions from 250 gold bars to 1500.
  2. PK system was changed.
  3. Fix autofight.
  4. Fix totem in top farm location.
  5. Added a 15 more place in clan.
  6. Added RB skills in the Atelian Time Zone.
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  1. Increase the amount of Raid Boss soul in inst zones.
  2.  Added a new variation for upgrade inst jewelry from 2 to 3 levels with a 100% chance, requires more Spirit Seals.
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  1. Transferred tank resists from level 3 insta jewelery to lvl 1 and 2, now all jewels have the same tank resist, the chance of a debuff is 62.7% if all 4 jewelery are equipped.
  2. Fixed skill Flame Armor, too much damage from reflect.
  3. Hero Fear is now 2 seconds with a 750 radius.
  4. Appetit of Destruction / Magic Impulse / Einhasad's Wrath / Lavianrose Energy skills can now be used on auto farming.
  5.  "Real Target" resist reduction increased to 20%
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  1. Entrance to Time Zones has been reduced to level 74 from 85, now 74-85.
  2. The chance of a drop in Tarot Cards Simple / Premium for the following items has been raised: Elcyum Powder / Shilen Soul, added 3 CA and R Gems to the drop.
  3. The chance of dropping the Elmoradens sphere in simple tarot has been increased by 2 times.
  4. Increased the amount of drops in simple and premium tarot cards for Symbols of Insolence.
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  1. On Olymp, all skills with a cooldown of 30 minutes and below are rolled back.
  2. Fix skill Fake Death and similar, now correctly shows cooldown.
  3. Fixed random client crits due to unlocking ranks.
  4. Mass Attacks now flag characters, but do not damage PVP.
  5. Disable targeting and Auto attack in PVP on auto battle.
  6. Disabling Focus Skill Mastery on all tank debuffs and short-term buffs, now these skills will not be critical x2 in order to reduce the randomness in PVP.
  7. Fix Totems buffs in locations, sometimes stopped buffing.
  8.  Fix of Smart Cubes, now they are for 4 hours and do not disappear after the death of the character.

 You need to use Updater or Download a new PATCH.

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  1. Raised the maximum limit for basic stats INT / STR and others from 99 to 120.
  2. Added the opportunity to insert Ls into the Ring of Insolence, in more detail in the topic Information -> Ring of Insolence.
  3. Books of the Forgotten Power, you can open all together by holding down Ctrl.
  4. Fixed some sets of 4 / 5th Level, there were slightly incorrect protection parameters.
  5. Introduced the Atlantis Core exchanger at NPS Krassen for the Seal of the Gods with a rate of 2 = 1.
  6. Fix disconnects on the server side.

You need to update with an Updater or Download a new PATCH

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  1. Removed damage from 81's cubes, also removed Phantom Cube
  2. Disarm fixed, throws for 1 second now.
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  1. Buff Time Dream Isle Magic 1 second now.
  2. It is no longer possible to carry the flag outside the castle zone on Territory Wars.
  3. Made an auto insert item in combine (jewels).
  4. The skill from the Helios Rings can no longer crit for 5 seconds, always 2 seconds of debuff.
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  1. Ranks and legend status no longer work on Olympus.
  2. "Vampire Claw" - removed lifesteal.
  3. Fairy Event increased the reward from Fairy Chests that are played at night from 1500 coins to 5000.
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  1. Eye for an Eye and Counterattack 20 minutes cooldown. 
  2. Final Secret now gives not PVP damage, but P. Atk + 10% and M. Atk + 17%.
  3. Removed Combat Attack and Magic Power from Einhasad's Wrath.
  4. Introduced Ramona to NPC Mermeden.
  5. Introduced Inst Epics and tasks for them in clan missions.
  6. Artifact spoil has been added to the School of Dark Magic location.
  7. Raised the drop of noble stones in LOA by 30%.
  8. Raised drop from simple tarot cards.
  9. Added 6 lvl Pk debuff, which takes 80% of the stats and gives drop items from the inventory.
  10. 86th RB weakened by 35%.
  11. Added 28 Days Event with updated rewards

 You need to use Updater or Download a new PATCH

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  1. Introduced 7 lvl stones in the brooch, can be made by synthesis 6+6 100% chance, soon there will be a topic about stats.(The course of buying stones in the premium store for Seals has also been changed).
  2. Fixed event 28 days, maybe even the last rollback after restart, then it will already be posible to calculate the reward.
  3. LvL up Epic will be added at 22.00 Moscow time.

You need to use Updater or Download a new PATCH

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  1. Updated tarot, in premium tarot changed dolls 1lvl to 2lvl , SC from 3 to 4 levels, added book of artifacts lvl 1 and 2 balance artifacts  for Drop adena +20% and +2 UDC with small chance.
  2. Added to simple and premuim tarot mafra runes for 1 and 2  hours, to simple 30% mafra rune, to premium 50% mafra rune.(Mafras fall all in boxes, boxes cannot be transferred from simple tarot, with premium you can transfer)
  3. Also, the chance in simple tarot on stones to extend time zones has been raised a couple of times.
  4. In the fairy event, the number of shards has been changed from 1000 to 5000, Shilen Soul Crystal box has been removed and  5 lvl Shilen crystal have been added instead of the box, dolls were changed  from level 1 to level 2, Chest with coins of the insolence no will be played 3 piece instead of 1.
  5. The chances for the Fairy Event have been rised by 2 times, now there are x2 chances that the main prize will be credited with Fairy coins, and the random winner will receive his price.
  6. Added drop from mobs in zone 2 for Honoraly Nobility  

You need to use Updater or Download a new PATCH

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  1. Simple tarot updated, CA increased from level 1 to level 2, in a golden cat from level 2 to level 3.
  2. Added a drop to 3 locations for nobles.
  3. Inspiration now 5 minutes cooldown and can be put on autouse.
  4. Fafurion's Blessing is given a static cooldown of 10 minutes. (50% HP buff that hangs for 45 seconds from the boons of the Fafurion necklace).
  5. Bow mass attack radius increased from 120 to 180.
  6. Fixed cooldown of tasks on Inst epics, now the quest is automatically give you claw and a new one is immediately available. (The claw is credited to everyone automatically If you have done damage.)
  7. Added the Ancient Relics upgrade scroll for the 3rd quest for the honorable nobility of Snake and in the Premium Shop in the scrolls section.
  8. Feather from Bishop and Paladin time increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
  9. CP potions regen increased to 4000 CPU and given a 10 second cooldown.

You need to use Updater or Download a new PATCH

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  1. Removed vampiric on pets. (That is, the mage vampirized his pets, caused 20% of HP to regenerate for 1 cast)
  2. Olympiad time increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
  3. Fixed exchange, added levels of some items (We are also finalizing the Market so that we can set up sets).
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  1. Added a new debuff - "Flame of the Phoenix" to reduce lifesteal from mobs, has 5 lvls, at max lvl lowers physical / magic lifesteal by 90% and lifesteal from a bow by 50%. Learn for  ability coins from NPC Hardin in the section of circle attacks.
  2. New parameters have been added to the All-round Attacks, now they deal damage to 1-2-3 targets at levels 1-5-10 and decrease pvp attack by 50%.
  3. PvP / Pk notification included.

You need to use Updater or Download a new PATCH


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  1. Reworked PVP agathions of defense and attack, now for enchanting they give not + 5% attack but + 2%, defense instead of 3% is reduced to 1.2%.
  2. Reworked agathions for Critical Power, now physical maximum gives + 15%.
  3. Agathions can be enchanted up to +10.
  4. Added the Improved Sphere of Elmoraden, which gives small characteristics to the character, namely + 2% CP / HP / MP, + 2% Phys and Mage defense, P. Atk + 3% M. Atk + 5%. (Made by the synthesis of simple Orbs of Elmoraden, the chance of successful synthesis is 30%)
  5. Added 4 Levels of Dolls, the chance of successful synthesis is 20%.
  6. Increased the chance of improving the Ring of Insolence from 1 to 5 levels by + 15%, from 6 to 8 to + 10%, from 8 to 9 to + 5%.
  7. Added Book of Artifacts Level 2.
  8. Updated Donate Store.
  9. Introduced discounts for donate 20%

You need to use Updater or Download a new PATCH

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  1. Fix 3 parts of the nobles quest on the English patch (it was impossible to take enchants).
  2. Added to the start bonus for beginners. Brooch level 2, was not given before.
  3. Fixed  M.atk, the config got lost and the cap flew to 1.1kkk instead of 2.147 (One of these days, the cap will be increased to 3.147)

Simple and premium tarot will be updated tomorrow

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  1. Fixed the description of LS in the brooch (English Patch)
  2. Updated Olympus store
  3. Corrected the description of the Mafra`s Rune with tarot (It does not work together with the Mafra`s Rune 100%)
  4. Added 2 more variations of purchasing CRP for Epaulets x10 and x100
  5. A new Tarot exchanger has been added, if you do not want to risk, you can, with a 100% chance, receive 2 times less cards for the same amount of coupons.
  6. Clan Missions increased the number of killed mobs from 5000 to 50,000 and increased the reward by 10 times.
  7. Decreased M def for bosses of Level 86.

You need to use Updater or Download a new PATCH

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  1. Added the ability to sell Dolls and SC to weapons on the exchange
  2. Fixed display of the Overlord's Talisman on the exchange
  3. Fix description of Artifacts on the exchange
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