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Bonus Start! 04.01.2021

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Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that for the Phoenix x3 server there will be a "New Year bonus start" on January 4 after Tech. Server work at 19:00 Moscow time.  It's time to create a character, receive bonuses and catch up with your friends for a joint and fun game, all requirements up to 50 rebirth will be decrease by half!

 Also, do not forget about the launched New Year Event, which gives + 75% to EXP.

 Starting from January 4 at 19:00 Moscow time, new players will be able to receive bonuses:

  • 9d9683962033d81d4bc24765c64af0f6.png Box with Coupon for Equipment S80 grade (Weapon / Armor).
  • Без назования.png Box with brooch 2 lvl
  • Без названия.png х5 Coupon for Elmoredens sphere (10h.)
  • Без названия (1).png  EXP rune +100% for 7 days. ( work with SP rune +50% )
  • Без названия (2).png SP rune +100% for 7 days. ( work with EXP rune +50% )
  • Без названия (8).png MultiWorld rune for 10 days - PvE Dmg +120%
  • 1234121ания.png Rune for adena drop -  +100% for 10 days
  • 2ия.png Box with dols 3 lvl - for 3 days

 Bonus code To all players, both new and old!

  • 9d9683962033d81d4bc24765c64af0f6.png  A box with a Temporary jewelry  for 7 days, level 1!
  • Без назования.png Box with a set of 4 stones - 6 lvl for 10 days.
  • Без названия (1).png SP rune +50% for 7 days.
  • Без названия (2).png EXP rune +50% for 7 days.
  • 1ия.png  Buff bag of scrolls х10 (In a bag, 20 scrolls with positive effects)

We will also introduce a new time zone for New Players, the entrance to it will be from 5 to 30 rebirths, where beginners will be able to quickly farm items for R equipment!

 In order not to create a lot of topics, I want to thank all the players who are now playing with us and who will just start, for their faith in our project, when we started we had big doubts if we could keep it online on the server, soon it will be a month for the Phoenix server х3, real live online ~ 350 + people, for multi prof servers this is a very good indicator. Thank you for choosing our server, we value every player, and we will try not to let you down!

Без названия (5).png

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