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Dear friends, today we are pleased to announce that the Phoenix x3 server update is already installed!

Now a little about the update itself:

  •  Introduce a chain of 4 quests for Honorary Nobility. The quest is taken from the NPC Leonel Hunter in Giran, the required number of rebirths is 50-60-70-80 for 1-4 quests, respectively.
  • Adding a drop of fragments of Artifacts to the new location "School of Dark Magic" (teleport from Farikios, the recommended number of rebirths 70+). The exchange of fragments of Artifacts for Chests with Artifacts can be done at the NPC Krasen.
  • Some items will be improved further on levels. (We will inform later which ones)
  • Adding a new instance Boss Ramona for players from 75+ rebirths. (Farm resources for the Book of Artifacts) (CD Wednesday / Saturday)
  •  Dobavleniye vsekh epik bossov v inst zony, tam mozhno budet poluchit' dublikat Epicheskoy bizhuterii (dannyy dublikat budet ne peredavayemyy i yego nel'zya budet uluchshit' v Blagoslovennyy Epik), i ubit' uproshchennyye versii epik bossov v odinochku ili s gruppoy (Inst Epicheskiye bossy polnotsenno realizovany, s mekhanikoy farma i skilami)! (KD subbota) Adding all epic bosses to the inst zone, there it will be possible to get a duplicate of Epic jewelry (this duplicate will not be transferable and cannot be improved into a Blessed Epic), and kill simplified versions of epic bosses alone or with a group (Inst Epic bosses are fully implemented, with farm mechanics and skills)! (CD Saturday)
  • With the introduction of temporary epics, the Epic Jewelry upgrade will be introduced.
  • Strengthening all epic bosses by about x10 in defensive parameters (Farming too fast now)
  • Adding a drop and strengthening 10h RB, we will also introduce a system (To pass the damage for 10h RB you will need 2 people in the party who will beat RB together with you at the same time, as soon as one of the group members stops causing damage, the other person also stops making damage in RB).

This is the first part of the update, the second part with the introduction of the Epic Boss Etis Van Etina and not only, will be around the beginning of February, there will be information about this event later.

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