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Dear friends, today we wanted to raise the curtain and share the plans for the Phoenix x3 server! What awaits you from the beginning of the new month.

  • We remind you that the Frosty Harvest event ends on February 28.
  • March 1st starts a new event called: Treat for Mario
  • On March 1, Premium Tarot Cards will be globally changed, since over the past 2 weeks their relevance has dropped to almost zero.
  • On March 1, an increase in the reward for voting MMtop, 3 Runes will be given out at once (Maphr `s 50% for 1h / Adena drop + 20% for 1h / + 1 to all stats + 5% PvE for 12h)

Now let's move on to more global changes and updates (They will have stages of opening, so that not all content can be added at once and people's eyes run up, what to do, installing them in March / April)

The most important thing is the transition to a new client.

The new client will have:

  • Homunculi

In short, it's like an elemental pet, there are different pets for Mage / Tank / Melle and others that give passive characteristics, the pet must first be created and then improved
  • Collection
The interface will have a Collection button, which is divided into different types: Weapons / Armor / Accessories / Auxiliary equipment / Special and World, each type has its own improvements, for example: Weapon gives attacks / Armor gives protection and etc. To get a bonus from the collection, you will need to make requirements, for example, in the Weapons section, you need to bring A dagger +10 to get + 2% to attack or bring A magician weapon +10 to get + 4% to a magician attack, after you insert items in the Collection, they disappear and a passive skill is issued (item cannot be returned back).
  • The introduction of the Raid Boss Etis Van Etina and the implementation of the new farm location Embryo Castle.
  • Upgrading Armor and Weapons to a higher Grade.
  • Recycling of items such as (Stones in a brooch / Talismans)
  • Bonus for Rank among Classes,We will also revise and slightly redesign the bonuses that are issued now.
  • Implementing and Testing a New Class -  Enchanter Isa
  • Combo Magic and Physics skills.
That is, we replace 3 nuke gets 1 stronger one, or we replace 2 Slides gets 1 more convenient and better one.
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